A Note About Friend-Locked Posts

I've decided to stay on LJ for the time being. However, I followed the example of one of my flisties and friend-locked any posts with more questionable content (e.g. fic belonging to a genre beginning with the letter "s"). Maybe I'm being overly paranoid about the possibility of censorship, or maybe these measures won't be enough if LJ does start censoring its content, but I figure it can't hurt.

If you're already on my flist (those of you still left on LJ), the friend-locking isn't going to make any difference. If you're just a casual visitor, you can find all of my stories (with the exception of Action Figure Theatre and some jackycomelately birthday fic) here on AO3. ALL of my fic is available on or through Dreamwidth. You're more than welcome to friend me on LJ, Dreamwidth or both -- if you haven't done so already.

I seriously need to revamp my Dreamwidth Fic Masterlist as it was imported from LJ and a lot of the links are to LJ. I've also done a lousy job of updating it. I'm going to try to revise it soon.

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Blast From the Past

I read an article on AO3 this morning about the New Visitor Portal on Fanlore and thought I'd check it out. Out of curiosity, I typed "Robin of Sherwood" in the search engine and came up with all kinds of stuff, including a screenshot of the index page for the Robin of Sherwood Fanfic Archive! I thought all traces of the Archive had been lost, so this was a very exciting discovery.

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Mount Pleasant Cemetery ROMWalk

Last Sunday, I decided to go on a free walk that was being held by the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) at Mount Pleasant Cemetery. As part of the subway was closed (and I refuse to use a shuttle bus unless I absolutely have to), I walked part of the way to the cemetery. On my journey along Yonge Street, I saw a really bizarre sight: a motor cycle gang dressed in costume. I don’t know what the event was for, but I made sure to take some pictures. Collapse )

Glorious New Cover Art from raven714!

I just wanted to give a quick shout out to raven714 for creating such amazing cover art for me once again:

As usual, raven714 has managed to find the perfect images for each cover, especially the ones for Neither Fish Nor Flesh and The Feint, which both have great touches of humour as well. raven714 has also used such vibrant colours and some beautiful textures. I think this is especially true for the cover art for Boscage.

I should point out that the cover art for Neither Fish Nor Flesh was actually created back in July, so this is a much overdue thank you!

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Robin of Sherwood Novelizations Now Available in Digital Format

I just learned through my Facebook feed that the Robin of Sherwood novelizations, The Meeting Place and The Red Lord are now available in digital format. You can buy these books through Amazon Kindle for £2.99. Oh, and for anyone who's interested, there is apparently one copy of The Red Lord still in stock at Spiteful Puppet.

I don't think I can resist picking up a copy of The Red Lord. The price is right and there's a long weekend coming up. It will make great reading during my trip on the TTC to and from Scarborough. For that matter, it will make great reading at my parents' house. :-)

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A Great Place to Find Some Retro TV

I recently stumbled across the Shout! Factory TV website and thought I would share the link. Shout! Factory TV has released a number of retro TV shows on DVD over the years, and these shows can be watched on their website. These shows include Space: 1999, The Prisoner, The Saint, Sapphire and Steel, and Secret Agent.

I came across Shout! Factory TV while watching a British show from the seventies called Thriller. My brother found the DVD in a little library and showed me an episode with Jeremy Brett called "One Deadly Owner". I was immediately hooked and wanted to watch the entire series. I started watching the series on YouTube, but then I discovered that I could watch commercial-free episodes on the Shout! Factory TV website. Well...I actually had two commercials pop up the last time I watched Thriller, but it wasn't nearly as annoying as the multitude of commercials that appear on YouTube. Anywaaaaaaaay, I can recommend Thriller to anyone who enjoys mysteries and/or supernatural tales with a twist. The show actually reminds me of Sapphire and Steel, only not as strange. All of the episodes can be found here.

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