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Weirdness Meme

I was tagged by t_eyla for the Weirdness Meme, so I'm afraid you must all suffer the consequences. The point of this meme is to list 10 weird habits or little-known facts about yourself. I'm supposed to tag 10 friends for this little exercise, but I'm not going to bother because some people find it annoying to be tagged, etc. However, if anyone would like to participate that would be great. :-)

I'm going to try not to list anything I've included in previous memes. As I've always been weird, I shouldn't have any problems coming up with new material.

1.) I was born an Inuit. I had black hair and used to rub noses with people. However, the hair fell out and, while it was quite dark when it grew back, it was never black. Oh, and I also managed to establish healthier personal space boundaries and never felt the compulsion to rub noses with anyone again.

2.) I used to relocate garbage when I was small -- not collect it but relocate it. For example, I would pick up a wrapper and carry it around with me until I found something more interesting. At that point, I would put down the wrapper and pick up the second piece of garbage -- and so on.

3.) When I was three, I claimed that there was a ghost in my room, so my mom vacuumed it up for me. I waved goodbye to the ghost when the garbage truck came around to collect our garbage. Hmm…I wonder if this was before or after I started my garbage relocation project…

4.) I'm sure the one elevator in my building is haunted. The door often opens when I'm in the mailroom or walking towards the elevator itself. I've been told that the elevators are supposed to come down to the first floor and open when not in use, but the timing for this one elevator seems pretty uncanny. Anyway, if I manage to catch the elevator when the door first opens, I'll sometimes pat the wall gently in case…well…you know. And before anyone accuses me of being a crackpot, I'd like to add that carpeting was added to the elevator a couple of months ago, which means that someone else must believe that one or both elevators are haunted. I mean, it's easier to vacuum up a ghost if you've got carpeting, right?

5.) I have a bruise scar: a bruise that has never gone away. I was about 14 when I bruised my foot and the same black mark is still there.

6.) I've memorized the Charm of Making from Excalibur.

7.) Despite my "First Crush" Christopher Reeve icon, my first real crush was probably on Super Grover. As a bed-time ritual, my parents used to "fly" me around my room, reciting, "Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's Super Grover!"

8.) My male cat allowed a kitten to try to nurse from him. We eventually had to wrap a towel around Marmie, the situation got so bad.

9.) Being a very confused little girl, I told my kindergarten class that my dad was a burglar. My dad was (and still is) an electrician and installed burglar alarms.

10.) Although these were all gifts from people, I have four Enterprise action figures (Archer, Tucker, Reed and Mayweather) and the Enterprise bridge, complete with a captain's chair and sound effects. Reed and Mayweather are currently on an away mission to my CD player. I'd rather not go into what Archer and Tucker are doing on the bridge.
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