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German Copy of The Colorado Kid Up for Grabs

My mom is a big fan of Haven and has wanted to read the book it's based on, Stephen King's The Colorado Kid. Unfortunately, it's not easy to get a copy of this, so my mom hasn't been able to find it. I told her that I would try to get her a used copy for Christmas and was delighted when I tracked one down on Amazon. I should have known it was too good to be true. When I took a closer look at the book today, I realized that it was in German! Thankfully, I was able to order another copy -- in English this time. And, yes, I checked the product description and images carefully to be absolutely sure. *g* Anywaaaaaay, I can't be bothered to send it back, so I'm offering it (for free) to anyone who might be interested. You can see it here on Amazon.

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