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New Addition to the Family

I was completely surprised when I visited my parents' place today and found my sister holding a tiny black kitten. I stared at it in surprise and said, "Hello? Where did you come from?" My mom informed me that they were fostering the kitten, but hoped to adopt him soon. I asked if he had a name yet. Somehow, I wasn't surprised that Mom had called him "Barnaby" as Midsomer Murders is one of her favourite shows.

Poor little Barnaby was living rough before my mom took him in. She had been leaving food out for him, but hadn't been able to get near him because he was too skittish. Then, one day, he appeared in a window soaking wet and crying. My mom was able to wrap him in a towel and put him in one of the cat carriers. Then she took him to a shelter to get him checked out. She asked there and then if she could adopt the kitten and was told she couldn't do that for at least three weeks. However, the vet was at the shelter at the time and suggested that Mom foster him. My mom was more than happy to do that. After two days, Mom brought Barnaby home.

You may not be able to tell by the pictures, but Barnaby is a tiny little thing. My mom thought he was only two or three months old, but it turns out that he's actually six months old. He also has a scar on his head and his neck. My mom's hoping that fur will eventually grow over the scars, but said it wouldn't bother her if it doesn't. Even with the scars, Barnaby is a beautiful kitten. I'm sure he'll be even more stunning when my mom can brush his sleek black coat. Lastly, I'm glad to say that Barnaby has settled very nicely in his new home. He's extremely affectionate, going from lap to lap and rubbing his nose against everyone's face. He also has a loud purr and loves to play. He even chases Minerva around. Minerva is still getting used to her little brother, but I don't think it will be long before they're snuggling up together, especially as they both crave warmth. Oakley is being a recluse as usual, but Mom told me that he wasn't as pissed off as he was when Minerva arrived. For one thing, he hasn't been standing at the door threatening to leave. *g*

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