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Cumberbatch is Going Down!

Going down to #5 on my mental list of favourite Sherlock Holmeses. While it's possible that the quote was taken out of context, I'm still not happy with what Benedict Cumberbatch had to say about Jeremy Brett's portrayal of Sherlock Holmes in Sherlock: The Casebook:

"...I think Brett's interpretation, masterful though it is, is always going to be something of its own. It becomes something that isn't Sherlock Holmes."

Now, if Cumberbatch was arguing that there are moments when Brett's interpretation is more Brett than Holmes, I'd be okay with that because, quite frankly, it's probably true. I'd even understand if Cumberbatch was referring to Brett's interpretation in the Granada episodes from 1990 and beyond because they were absolute crap -- though I blame this on the writing more than Brett's performance. Unfortunately, this sounds like Brett's interpretation in general isn't Sherlock Holmes and that's just not on. No, I'm sorry, Cumberbatch, but until my temper cools (or I rewatch an episode of Sherlock), Douglas Wilmer is moving up to the #4 and you're sliding down to #5. If I was angrier (or feeling a bit more patriotic), you might be falling down to #6 and trading places with Christopher Plummer.

My issues with Cumberbatch aside, I'm really enjoying Sherlock: The Casebook. It's worth it for Sherlock's catty post-it notes alone. *g*

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