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Hazards at the Workplace

My supervisor is being nice to me and it’s really starting to creep me out. I can’t help thinking it’s some kind of insidious mind game. Either that or he was walking too close to the CN Tower and got hit in the head by a falling chunk of ice. It just isn’t natural, you know?

Okay, I did do him a tiny favour last night. He accidentally left his cell phone on his desk, so he called me from home (I work a later shift than he does) and asked me to stash his phone in a drawer to keep it safe. Anyway, I had pretty much forgotten all about it this morning when I saw him in the hall. I expected him to avert his eyes as usual and basically shuffle past me because a) he’s not comfortable around women and b) I’ve always gotten the distinct impression that he doesn’t like me. However, he actually made eye contact and thanked me for looking after his cell phone for him. I said, “Oh, it was no trouble,” and continued walking back to my cubicle, thinking the incident was a little strange but not completely out of the ordinary. But then he came around to my desk this afternoon and asked me if I’d like any leftover pizza – gourmet leftover pizza. And, yes, he asked everyone else in our immediate department if they’d like some too, but he didn't compliment anyone else on their flowers. You see, I bought tulips to support the Lung Association, so they're currently sitting on my desk looking all flower-like and everything. What surprises me is that my supervisor not only said they were “pretty” but that he noticed them at all. Like most guys, I figured he was pretty oblivious when it came to things like…petals. It really was very bizarre and kind of frightening

Umm…I should probably apologize because that has to be the lamest story I've told on LJ to date. I'm going to blame the extreme cold weather and go with the classic frozen brain excuse! [Frozen Brain: Trusted by more Canadians to excuse inexcusable behaviour. When endless apologizing doesn’t work go with an excuse you can trust. Go with Frozen Brain.]

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