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Woo hoo! 100 Hits!

An Awful Biznai finally has 100 hits on AO3 -- and it only took about three months. Not that I've been obsessively checking on a daily basis or anything... And, okay, it's not as if I don't have stories that have received less than 100 hits. However, my less popular stories tend to be ones I wrote quickly or a long time ago, so the emotional attachment isn't as strong. And it's one thing if I write a story in a week or two and it doesn't attract much attention, but I put a lot of work into An Awful Biznai. I spent hours on the research alone.

I know I shouldn't get wrapped up about hits -- and, believe me, I'm sincerely grateful for the feedback I have received -- but writers are vain, selfish creatures. They always want more. Or maybe that's just me... *Clears throat* Anywaaaaaaay, I'm going to take whatever I can get with this story. If celebrating a 100-hit milestone is the best I can do, then so be it.

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