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Klingon-Sized Apology to jackycomelately...

because I accidentally went to see Star Trek Into Darkness this afternoon after having lunch with my high school friends. I had honestly planned to wait and see it with you, but T's fiance and M's husband were absolutely raving about it. Then A was saying that she would have to go see it alone because her boyfriend wasn't into sci-fi at all. And we were at the Yonge/Eglinton Pickle Barrel, which is right beside the movie theatre. And I found myself opening my mouth and asking A if she'd like to see it, which is when T's fiance so very helpfully looked up the time for the next show on his PDA. wasn't totally my fault...except that it was.

I did go knowing that I would be seeing the film a second time with you -- if you'll still have me after this. And as Star Trek Into Darkness was so FAN-freaking-TASTIC, it would be an absolute pleasure. In fact, as the credits rolled, I told A that I didn't want the movie to end and wished I could watch it all over again. Yes, it's that good. It's worth it for Benedict Cumberbatch alone, though I would have happily gone to see it if he hadn't been there because I loved the first film.

Well, I think that wraps up this apology/confession. I'm a horrible person and a worse friend. Can I still go with you to see Star Trek Into Darkness? *g*

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