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They Seek Him Here, They Seek Him There...

...which is why I thought I'd better create a couple of new tags to make it easier to track down certain entries.It all started after I posted about my tour of the Old Don Jail. I realized that I'd written quite a few posts about Toronto historical tours and/or ghost walks, but hadn't really created a suitable tag for them, which is how the toronto tag came about. I thought I'd only have 20 entries at most. I ended up with 50. Then, unfortunately, I had the brilliant idea to tag all my entries about the cats with a cats tag. Actually, that wasn't horrible. Surprisingly, I only found 10 11 entries that qualified. I was sure I'd tortured my flist more. I obviously have to embrace my inner crazy cat lady a bit more.

In case you're wondering, I'm on a serious Scarlet Pimpernel kick. I made the mistake of borrowing the Richard Carpenter version of The Scarlet Pimpernel from pyrateanny and became instantly hooked. In fact, I ended up ordering a copy of the series from I've really got to stop borrowing Richard Carpenter series from pyrateanny as the exact same thing happened when I borrowed her copy of Smuggler. Actually, it's a bit worse with The Scarlet Pimpernel. I started reading the novel (downloaded from Project Gutenberg along with some other books in the series) and have found myself reading about the French Revolution. And TV has now been conspiring against me. Last night, there was a program about Napoleon on WNED -- and another one on TVO about the Battle of Quebec, which was part of the Seven Years' War, one of the factors (due to the resulting financial crisis) that led to the French Revolution. If I start writing epigrams or smuggle people out of Quebec, I'll know I'm really in trouble.

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