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Excuse to Use My Cats Tag

This post is mostly for , who felt (and rightly so) that I need more cat entries. As I was at my parents' house on Sunday to celebrate my mom's birthday and Father's Day, I tried to get some pictures. Most of my photos are blurry because Minerva and Barnaby refuse to keep still when they've got a camera trained on them. However, there are some that aren't too bad. My sister took the best ones as she's a much better photographer than I am. I hope I've given her credit for the right shots.

Barnaby hanging out in Mom's laundry basket

Pictures my sister took of Barnaby sleeping in the kitchen

Another E photo of Minerva sleeping on the couch

Minerva sunbathing

Minerva embracing her silly side

That damned elusive Pimpernel Oakley. As it was close
to supper time, Oakley decided to grace us with his
presence, though he wasn't too happy about having his
picture taken. He's always playing hard to get, hiding
whenever I'm around, pretending that he doesn't want to
see me. He's such a shameless little flirt.

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