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Gisburne/Mordred LJ Icons

In case anyone's interested (e.g. friends who are RoS fans), Sir Guy's secretary has added six of my LJ icons to the Guy Gallery at Gisburne's NASTY Knight Page. Four of them are of Gisburne and two are of Mordred from Excalibur. They're not exactly what I'd call great (or even adequate) works of art. Only two of the icons have any text. The rest are basically just images I shrunk down. Okay, I splashed a bit of colour into the Mordred icons, but that was it, really. And after that glowing endorsement, I'm sure everyone is really eager to go grab some icons, eh? *g* Well, at least they're free and I figure they'd be good for people who can't create icons of their own and are desperate for something.
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