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Annual EX Weekend

This past weekend was the annual EX pilgrimage. As usual, my mom came to stay, and we had a WONDERFUL time. On Friday, we took in Mesopotamia: Inventing Our World at the ROM. It's a fascinating exhibit with a great gift shop. Sadly, my mom and I get equally excited by gift shops as exhibits. Not surprisingly, we spent money in both museum gift shops. We spent even more money the following day at the EX. We both bought new bags. My mom's bag is more beautiful and expensive than mine, but I got a great deal and it's something that should last me for years. My mom managed to find it for me while I was at the Vintage Video booth buying a combo Three Musketeers/Four Musketeers DVD. Actually, I got a pretty good deal on that too, but not as good a deal as I got for the 3-Disc Collector's Edition of Hot Fuzz, which was only $5 before taxes. OMG, tazzles, I wish I'd seen the light sooner because it's a special features paradise! Speaking of the Cornetto Trilogy, we saw The World's End yesterday! Yeah, Roy! :-D It was funny and clever and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. However, we both agreed that Hot Fuzz was still our favourite of the three.

I ended up snapping some pictures at the EX, so, naturally, I'm inflicting them on my flist. The first two are from the cat show. My mom and I always go to the EX on the day of the cat show. Anywaaaaay, I couldn't resist taking pictures of a pile of Ragdoll kittens sleeping in this carrier. If I remember correctly, there were six kittens in total.

Another annual tradition is the International Sand Sculpting Competition. I thought that all of the entries were fantastic, so I snapped some photos.

My favourite sculpture

Cyberbully sculpture. My mom had to point out that the animal is a bull. *g*

My mom's favourite sculpture

Probably my second favourite sculpture -- and not just
because it's by a Canadian artist and came in second
place. It also appeals to me because I'm a Sherlock Holmes fan. *g*

Not surprisingly, this is the winning sculpture.
I believe it was created by a Russian artist.

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