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Thanksgiving Album

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving, though my family had its main celebration on Sunday night. Thinking of Christmas cards and letters, I took a number of pictures. My sister helped as well. I thought I'd share some of the best blackmail photos here.

Picture of my mom and I preparing the turkey. Every year, my
sister chronicles this event. Most of her photos are of our
backsides or my arm down the turkey. You know how it is.

Minerva looking gorgeous

Minerva making herself comfortable on the sideboard

Barnaby (aka "The Prince of Darkness")

Try sharing a bed with him and you'll understand... *g*

Oakley doesn't like me and usually runs when he sees me.
I had to wait until he was high on catnip and locked in
my brother's arms before I could get a decent picture of him.

My mom was almost as much of a challenge.
I had to wait until she fell asleep.

My brother decided to start celebrating Halloween early

On Saturday afternoon, my sister gave me a tour of the NEW neighbourhood library. At first, I thought she was kidding when she said there was a library just down the street. Then my mom explained that the library is essentially a box, and people are free to borrow any books they'd like. The organization behind it is called the Little Free Library. It began in the States and has spread worldwide. I absolutely love the idea, which is why I asked my sister to take a picture of the library when she and my brother dragged Danna to see it.

My brother giving our dad a tour of the Little Free Library

My sister at the Little Free Library

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