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Canada Post is Incompetent, Inept, Inadequate and Incompetent!

I'm sure anyone living in the Great White North knows this already, but Canada Post totally sucks. Once again, they have managed to screw me over by losing one of my packages. They claim that it was delivered successfully, but I haven't seen a hint of either the package or a postal slip. My fear is that the mail carrier decided to leave the package outside my door and (surprise, surprise) it was stolen. I'm hoping that the package is, in fact, sitting in some postal outlet. The last time, my package was found in a postal outlet. The postal outlet in question helpfully phoned me a week or two after contacted Canada Post about the missing package. You see, Canada Post won't let mere mortals file reports for missing packages. Fortunately, was extremely helpful the last time Canada Post screwed up and sent out a new package. Unlike Canada Post (which is a fucking joke), is a real business that actually puts its customers first.

A large part of my anger is actually directed towards myself because I was stupid enough to believe that Canada Post could handle one simple package. After the last fiasco, I started having all of my packages sent to my parents. However, this was something of a rush job, and I knew I wouldn't have time to pick up said package before I needed it. You see, two-thirds of the package is my sister's birthday present, which makes me all the angrier because she's the one who's going to suffer because of my stupidity and Canada Post's incompetence. At least I can buy a new copy of the one DVD (Casino Royale), but the other DVD (Farewell to Harry) is going to have to wait until this mess is sorted out because it isn't something I can find in stores. In fact, that's the reason I ordered from in the first place!

Oh, if only I hadn't inflicted season two of Stargate Atlantis on my family. Oh, if only my sister hadn't fallen madly in lust after catching sight of Joe Flanigan. Oh, if only I hadn't opened my big mouth to ask my sister if she'd like a Joe Flanigan movie for her birthday. *Sigh* Maybe if I look through my Stargate magazines (Yes, I am that sad), I could find a Sheppard poster for her to drool over until the Amazon order is found or re-shipped. Failing that, I’ll buy her some chocolate. That should also serve as some kind of Joe Flanigan substitute – if only for a brief period of time. There are also the two shiny things (e.g. bling-bling jewellery) that I’ll be giving to her. I made a little box for them and everything. My mom (O she of little faith) was convinced that I couldn’t do it, but I proved her wrong. Okay, so the lid is just a tad too small, and the one end of the box bends in on itself when I shove down the lid. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t a box. It’s still box-shaped and possesses box-like properties (e.g. the ability to hold two shiny things). And, as there was material left over, I’ll be throwing in a snazzy homemade bookmark too!

Umm…I’ve been a little hormonal lately and slightly stranger than usual. On Monday night, I watched a program on sextuplets instead of David Starky’s Monarchy, which isn’t characteristic of me at all. Then, on Tuesday night, I dreamt that I gave birth to a baby boy. The doctor took one look at him and announced that he was too small and should probably go back in. This seemed perfectly reasonable to me, so I gave my consent. But then my mom appeared and disagreed with the doctor’s diagnosis. The crazy woman seemed to think that I should grab the baby while I still could. As she had already shown a lack of faith in my box-making abilities, I wasn’t really inclined to listen to her. Fortunately, my brain took pity on me at this point, and I woke up before the argument could escalate.

Canada Post totally sucks. Did I mention that?
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