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The Sign of Three -- Not Completely For Me

Don't get me wrong. I did enjoy the episode. I enjoyed it a lot. However, it just didn't thrill me the same way as "The Empty Hearse". Maybe my expectations were too high after that first episode. Maybe the rest of the episode just couldn't measure up to that fantastic opening with Graham Gavin Geoff Greg Lestrade...except for when Sherlock and John got plastered because that was AWESOME. I'd say I was being more critical because this episode is basically the Sherlock version of The Sign of Four, my favourite Sherlock Holmes novel, but The Sign of Four references weren't the problem for me.

I thought the wedding dragged on too long. Yeah, okay. I know the episode is pretty much set at the wedding, but I enjoyed those case flashbacks a lot more than Sherlock's best man's speech. Parts of the speech were funny and genuinely moving, but I think way too much time was spent on it. I wasn't even one of the guests and I found myself wanting to glance at my watch. It could have seriously been cut down and yet retain the essence of what it needed. I've been bitching about PBS cutting scenes from Sherlock, but a little cutting from the best man's speech might not hurt.

Maybe it's because I'm getting old and my brain is dying, but the other issue I had was that too much seemed to be going on. It wasn't as overly complicated as a Moffat Doctor Who episode, but, by the end of it, I had completely lost track of the Mayfly thread. Was it tied in with The Sign of Four thread? I don't even remember. Saying that, I really liked those scenes with Sherlock and the women in the courtroom. I thought they were really well done.

Was there anything that I liked? Yes, of course. It's a Sherlock episode. :-) As you may have guessed, I loved the opening. Of course, the one time Lestrade is about to get his man Waters Gang, Sherlock has to ruin it. I'm sure everyone but Gavin Greg knew it wouldn't be an emergency, but the joke still paid off. Big time. I was hoping Lestrade would get drunk at the reception as that seemed to be his goal when we first see him (no doubt due to thoughts of his own failed marriage and disappointment over not seeing Mycroft at the wedding). Maybe Mrs. Hudson reminded him about what happened on John's stag night. I suppose it would have been a bit much if Lestrade had got plastered in addition to Sherlock and John in that flashback. As much as I've grumbled about this episode, it was definitely worth watching for those stag night scenes.

As usual, I got a kick out of seeing how the writer (in this case, Steve Thompson) would work in those Holmesian references. While I'm not sure how I feel about Jonathan Small being a photographer, I do like the idea of the photographer being able to commit murder because he has access to everyone and everything and isn't revealed in certain clues, like pesky wedding photos. I also think Small's method of delayed stabbing is rather brilliant. It wasn't Tonga and his poison darts (which they couldn't have used anyway because it would have been politically incorrect), but it's similar. I noticed that one of their cases did involve a man with a blow-pipe, so that made me happy. Oh, and my favourite DI gave the original Sign of Four solution for the dead man in a "locked room" when he suggested that a dwarf or a very small person got into the shower stall. However, as with Anderson's interpretation of "Rache" in "A Study in Pink," Sherlock shot down Lestrade's theory. And I can't believe I haven't mentioned Major Sholto! The Sherlock version trades places with the original Major Sholto's son, Bartholomew, and he ends up almost being murdered in a locked room. He is the target for Small's vengeance, though this time it's because Small holds him responsible for the death of his brother and not because Sholto betrayed "The Four". It's interesting that Sholto's connection is to John this time and not Mary, but that makes a lot more sense in the context of the Sherlock universe. Poor Mary is still an orphan in this version, though I have yet to see any sign of those six lustrous pearls. *g*

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