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A New Sister for Barnaby and Oakley!

My mom first mentioned it to me on the weekend, but it's now official. Barnaby and Oakley are going to have a new sister. The family is adopting a three-year-old Persian from a Port Perry animal shelter. Uh, yes. That's a bit outside of Toronto. However, my mom's friend's daughter works at the shelter and thought of us when the cat came in. Sadly, some stupid fuck abandoned the cat at the side of the road when she was pregnant with kittens. I believe the kittens were all adopted, which just leaves our girl. I think it's going to be at least a few days before she can be brought home. The poor thing has frozen nipples (which isn't surprising given how cold it's been in Toronto, never mind outside the city) and is going to be spayed on Friday. In the mean time, my mom is trying to come up with a name. She wants something literary because this Persian is such an elegant little lady. I actually found a website with female literary names (and another one with "beautiful" names), so I'm hoping it helps.

This is probably the first thing I should have done, but here's a picture of the new cat provided by the Uxbridge-Scugog Animal Control Centre:

Isn't she gorgeous? I can't wait to see her. Apparently, she's been very chatty. My mom's friend's daughter thinks it's because she's so happy to come in from the cold. I think my mom's okay with chatty. She's just afraid that the Persian is going to be as focused on food as Barnaby. *g* Anywaaaaaay, you know there's going to be a future post with lots of pictures because who could possibly resist this Persian beauty. I know I won't be able to!

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