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Here are the promised photos of Tuppence (a.k.a. the adorable Persian princess). However, before I start, I thought I'd share some of the things we've learned about this very special lady. Tuppence is tiny. I thought she looked small in the pictures, but even I was surprised by her size. My mom thinks she may have never really had a chance to grow properly if she started having kittens at a very young age. We're hoping we can build her up a bit. Tuppence is a chatterbox. She meows when she enters a room, as if announcing her presence. I think she does it because she's small and wants everyone to realize that she's there -- as if we could possibly miss her. She also meows if you're petting her, sometimes if you just look at her. It's a very quiet meow, almost more of a chatter or even a squawk at times. Tuppence doesn't like to be picked up, but she loves having her chest and belly rubbed. She'll roll over on the floor and purr. She also seems to prefer to sit between people rather than on their laps, though she will venture there a bit. She adores my brother. She not only follows him around but sleeps with him at night. She does acknowledge Oakley as the alpha cat, but has no qualms about pushing Barnaby around. She chased Barnaby around the house on her first day and immediately staked her claim. Mom has nicknamed her "Bossy Boots" because of it. Saying that, she does seem to be very affectionate towards Barnaby. She likes to wash him and seems to find comfort in sleeping close to him. They're not at the cuddling stage (and may never be), but I'd say some kind of bond is forming. Anywaaaaaaay, less words, more pictures.


Tuppence sleeping under a chair. You'll notice the typical flat
face of a Persian. My mom never really liked the look of Persian
faces before Tuppence, but Tuppence quickly grew on her.


Tuppence still asleep, but from a slightly different angle.


Tuppence up close and awake. You may not be able
to tell by the picture, but she has blue eyes.


A fullish view of Tuppence lounging somewhere else.


Not completely idle. She's looking at something. We never did figure out what.


Tuppence's itty bitty ears!


Tuppence looking like a Muppet! EEEEEEEEE! ♥


A picture of Barnaby because he's special too!


Tuppence taking a nap with her new friend.


Being this adorable is hard work.

YIKES! I can't believe I forgot! The only excuse I can give is that I'm still in a state of disbelief about it. My extremely GENEROUS dad bought me a new laptop as a very early birthday present, so I owe him MASSIVE gratitude for that! :-D I asked him why he didn't just wait two months, and he said I should start using it during that 90-day warranty period, which is fair enough. He also said that he wanted to give it to me before I went off and bought my own laptop as he knows my computer is dying. I'll try to set up my new baby soon and take some pictures of it.

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