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AWESOMEST Shower Curtain EVAH!!!

*Jumping up and down* Found the perfect shower curtain yesterday! My mom and I were in Sunrise Records and both gasped when we saw it. It was rather pricey for a shower curtain, but neither one of us could resist. My mom grabbed the first package and clutched it to her chest. As it was only one of two, I thought I'd better get the second one. There was a chance we'd be coming back (if HMV wasn't offering a better price on The White Queen), but I couldn't take the chance. What if someone came in the mean time and snatched it? Anywaaaaaaay, as my mom stayed with me last night (as it was our annual Mysteriously Yours outing), she was able to help me put it up this morning. When I said I would have to take pictures and post them on LJ, she basically said, "Well, yeah." Umm...apologies for the last photo. She insisted.

You're totally jealous. Admit it.

Observe the detail. The sign was what sold me.

She insisted. You'll notice that I wore my Reversed Polarity sweatshirt to celebrate.

Once the shower curtain was up, we oooooooohed and ahhhhhhhhhed some more. Whenever one of us went in the bathroom, we made sure to give a delighted shriek. I'm ashamed to say that I actually forgot about the shower curtain while we had lunch at The Duke of Kent, so my mom had to give a solo exclamation when we got back to my place. She told me that she could tell that I'd forgotten because I walked into the apartment in the way I normally would (e.g. when I owned an ordinary shower curtain). It should be interesting when she and my sister put up the other shower curtain. My mom wants it to be a surprise, so she's going to wait until my dad and brother are out of the house. She originally wanted to wait until everyone was out and then realized that she would probably need some help.

In case anyone is concerned, I'm using my old shower curtain as a liner, so my TARDIS shower curtain should stay fairly clean longer. My old shower curtain is more clothy than plasticy, so I'm able to throw it in a washing machine.

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