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That's Better

I finally got around to giving my Diogenes' cover art a much needed facelift. It was only fairly recently that I noticed the problems with the original design. They didn't show up on my ancient computer and I guess no one had the heart to tell me how messed up it looked. *g* Anywaaaaaay, as I needed to access the story on AO3 to check the image coding (as I was posting another fic with cover art), I was reminded once again how shitty the image looks. I decided there and then to fix the little bastard. I mean, Diogenes is my second most popular story on AO3, so it might be nice if people aren't saddled with this:

And can, instead, have this:

Okay, I know it's hardly perfect, but I think it's a big improvement on the first version!

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