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I Am a Leaf Driven by the Wind...

Tried to resist this. Tried to resist this for about two seconds and failed. Wanted it. Had to have it. Ordered it. Deed done. But it does look like an excellent book and a fascinating read for any Robin of Sherwood fan. If I haven't messed up the link, you should be able to click on the image above to find information on Hooded Man Volume 1: Robin of Loxley. The publisher's page includes a PDF preview (that pretty much sold me on the book when I first came across it on wolfshead) and a video interview with the author, Andrew Orton, though the sound quality isn't great.

I've been wanting to rewatch the series, so I think I'll do that while reading this book -- and Volume 2. Based on the PDF preview, Hooded Man Volume 1: Robin of Loxley should contain lots of fun facts and information that I haven't seen or heard before.

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