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Return of the Groundhog (or Groundhog II)!

I didn't think lightning could strike twice, but, apparently, it can! I was at Edwards Gardens today to do some writing and a spot of reading, when the groundhog made his triumphant return! Well, I'm assuming it's the same groundhog from last year. He was haunting the same area (though I was sitting on a different bench this time) and it seems unlikely that another groundhog would possess the same nerve and courage as the one I saw previously. I'm pretty sure it's the same one.

Sorry! Sorry! Not a wonderful first picture, but the groundhog got spooked by one of the
three Eastern European ladies (sounded Russian but it's not like I speak the language) who
stood up to get a better photo. At least, I think that's what frightened the little fellow.

Slightly better photo. If you squint you can sort of make him out.

Groundhog hanging out with Eastern European ladies. He kept hovering by their bench
and not mine. Strategically, it makes sense, I guess. More people = more food.
Unfortunately, they didn't seem to have any. I had scattered some bits of crackers on the
ground for the house sparrows, bluejay and chipmunk, but they might have been too small
for him. I left bigger pieces on the wall (where I took that second photo) before I left.

Picture a bit blurry, but I was able to zoom in a bit.

Same goes for this one.

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