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Shout Out for an EXCELLENT Hooded Man 2014 Con Report

Yesterday, I finally finished reading Jo's FANTASTIC Hooded Man 2014 Con Report and decided that it definitely deserved a shout out! In fact, I think I can honestly say that this is the BEST con report I've ever read. Not only does Jo write about the con itself, but she starts a journal to cover the months leading up to the con and includes details of RoS-related excursions that took place before and after the con. These excursions include a trip to Cirencester to see the memorial tree that was planted for Robert Addie last year. While Jo is obviously a Gisburne/Robert Addie fan, there's something to please RoS fans of all persuasions, especially in terms of the anecdotes and photos. One of the things I enjoyed most was Jo's excitement and level of enthusiasm, not to mention her great sense of humour. And she's absolutely adorable as a Nottingham guard.

While adding Jo's Hooded Man 2014 Con Report to the links section at Gisburne's NASTY Knight Page, I did a bit of tidying up, clearing away some dead links and even deleting a section (the Top Ten Incompetency List) that is continually out of date. I think the last update was in 2005, which is totally pathetic. Unfortunately, while checking the status of various websites, I discovered that an old favourite of mine is still alive and well: Judith Proctor's Blake's 7 Pages. This is bad because I'm on a Blake's 7 kick after accidentally ordering the first series from the UK using birthday money my uncle and aunt gave me. I've been trying to space out the episodes to make the first series last longer because I'm not sure when I'll be ordering the other DVDs. However, I have about twenty (at least) Blake's 7 fanzines that I received from a fandom auction a while back, so I've been happily reading a novella set after "Gauda Prime". I really don't need any more fic. Orac only knows how I've kept myself from going through the AO3 collection...

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