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I've been reluctant to post about this for fear of jinxing my current lucky streak, but my muse has really been pulling out all the stops lately. I've made it my goal to finish as much of the rough draft as I can for my crappy novel (a friend suggested that I might be more motivated to write if I stopped referring to this project as "my crappy novel") this summer, and my muse apparently got the message. I think I sat out on my balcony this morning for close to an hour just plotting out the ideas that she had been whispering in my ear. I've got to try to squeeze in a writing session this afternoon that is writey instead of plotty. Of course, plotty is never a bad thing as I do seem to write better when I've got a roadmap to work from. Anywaaaaaay, the writing has been going surprisingly well (by my standards) lately. I'm hardly writing at NaNo output levels, but JuauNo (or would in be "NaJuau"?) isn't working out too badly.

I'd be totally remiss if I didn't mention this AMAZING blog I rediscovered yesterday. I'd been there briefly before, but stupidly never made it back again, despite chatting on a semi(ish)-regular basis with the blogger in question at the Saturday RoS chats. As we were the last North Americans left in the chatroom, we ended up talking until almost 8:00 pm. Astrinde was the one who kindly suggested that I stop referring to my novel as "crappy". *g* While we were on the topic of writing, I found out that Astrinde had written two RoS ficlets that I didn't know about because they hadn't been posted on AO3. I've only had a chance to read the one that she embedded in this FANTASTIC entry about her trip to Bayeux. And she has literally just posted an entry on her trip to Cléville that I haven't had time to read yet. In any case, I think Sword, Table, Antlers will be of interest to RoS fans because Astrinde has written some absolutely HILARIOUS episode reviews, complete with comics and flow charts. The guy who creates the comics and flow charts for her blog came up with a priceless flow chart for how Gisburne's mind works (which essentially describes almost every episode of RoS).

Well, I'd better grab lunch, run an errand (and get some fresh air and exercise) and then see if I can stay away from fanfic (and Sword, Table, Antlers) long enough to get some writing done. *g*

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