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Happy Birthday, grondfic!

For this very special occasion, I have attempted to create fanart for grondfic's dragon epic, Rainbow Ended. Unfortunately, I'm not a great artist, so this illustration doesn't come anywhere close to doing justice to Strom. However, what I tried to create (in my flat, expressionless way) is mostly based on this passage:

Shucking bark like dead skin, the Tree took wavering flight; and now any hidden watchers (Will-o’-the-Wisp? Sea Witch?) might observe in the plain moonlight that it was no longer arboreal at all. Green scales all a-glitter, claws flexing and yearning for something to grapple, wings beating frantically, it was clearly a Drak of the Draci. A repaired and returning aristocrat.

Despite the poor choice of gift, I hope grondfic has a FANTASTIC birthday! Many happy of happiest returns! :-D

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