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Ottawa Weekend

This weekend, I took a trip to Ottawa. njc2007 was kind enough to play hostess and allowed me and lazigyrl to crash at her place for two nights. We hadn't seen each other since Reversed Polarity, so this was a wonderful opportunity to talk, catch up, and spend some time together. Thankfully, njc2007's husband and, more importantly, her frighteningly intelligent Quaker Parakeet, Brimley, gave us their blessings. Brimley essentially has free rein of the home, flying from his one nest (and plastic fork collection) on top of the fridge to a nest in njc2007's husband's office to the living room to just about anywhere he wants. He can say a number of words, plays games like peek-a-boo, and will show up when you're eating chips or any other food he likes. Despite a disagreement over the shower (or, rather, my desire to close the bathroom door when he was perched on top of it), I think Brimley grew to like me. He offered me a plastic fork on Friday night and landed on my shoulder when I was digging some items out of my bag on Sunday morning because (according to njc2007) he knows when "his family" is getting ready to leave the house and wants to stop them.

Brimley and njc2007

On Saturday, we took a scenic route (via public transit) downtown. I hadn't seen inside Château Laurier before, so we took a quick tour. I also wanted to see a Gustave Doré exhibit at the National Gallery, so njc2007 and lazigyrl were kind enough to oblige me. I'm happy to say that we also visited the Contemporary Art, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism (where I got to visit the Turner ♥) and European Art sections. After our time at the National Gallery, we headed to Rideau Street, the ByWard Market and Rideau Centre.

Ballroom inside the Château Laurier

A showdown between njc2007 and lazigyrl aborted when njc2007 gets the giggles.

Somewhere cool inside Château Laurier

Love the intricate woodwork above this fireplace

I found myself mysteriously drawn to the American Embassy. I think it's because
of that strange hexagonal thingie on the roof. njc2007 and lazigyrl thought there
should be protesters in front of the building to give it a better sense of atmosphere.

Standing in front of Maman at the National Gallery (picture taken for my mom's sake)

Photos snapped on the way to the ByWard Market. I
really wanted a shot of that church in the background.

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