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A Hogwarts Bridal Shower

I promised grondfic that I would post about the Harry Potter bridal shower I attended on the weekend. I knew that the bridesmaid (and organizer) had been working hard on the theme, but even I was surprised by how much she accomplished. I'm amazed she didn't have a breakdown while planning the shower, I really am. I mean, I felt kind of stressed and I did very little in comparison.

My first indication of the shower's massive scope came when I arrived at A's condo and she told me that we'd need to fetch a trolley in order to bring everything down to the party room. I mean, I was carrying two rather large bags (one of which contained a portable CD player and all my Harry Potter soundtracks), but I never imagined that we'd need a trolley. Then, I saw all the food that A had made, not to mention the decorations, props and scrapbooking material. It took us more than an hour to set up the party room. Fortunately, everything was ready before anyone arrived. The bride-to-be was absolutely blown away when saw the room and realized that her shower was being held at Hogwarts. You could see that she was extremely touched and thrilled that we (mostly A) went to so much trouble.

One of my tiny contributions: Licorice Wands. I was supposed to use white
chocolate, but I couldn't be bothered to buy any when my mom was able
to provide me with milk and dark chocolate from her Christmas supply.

Surprisingly, I found the Cockroach Clusters easier to make - probably because they didn't involve sprinkles.

Up close look at a Cockroach Cluster in case you're trying to figure out what's inside...

The totally kickass Hogwarts sign A made. I, uh, taped it to the column for her. *g*

Cool party game that I sucked at. Came in last. We had to
identify the herbs and spices on each sheet of paper. I got one right.

Did much better at this game. We each had a name of a
Harry Potter character taped to our backs and had to
work out who we were by asking questions. I was the
second one to guess my identity. Ironically, I ended
up as my favourite character, Professor Severus Snape.
I say ironically because A didn't know Snape was my
favourite character. Anywaaaaay, we each got to choose
a wand from Olivander's. I chose the one that came
closest to Slytherin's colours naturally.

The fantastic party favours A made for us using Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

Would you have believed it if I hadn't provided evidence?

I think A came up with this idea all on her own and it's brilliant.

A didn't make these, but she was smart enough to order them.

Did I mention that I made some of the shower treats?

Yours truly in her crappy Sorting Hat. Incredibly, the
bride-to-be liked the hat and took it home with her. *g*

Besides a helluva lot of eating, the day consisted of the usual shower events. We talked and the bride-to-be opened her presents, which included some lingerie that left practically nothing to the imagination. This provided a lot of laughs - as did another game A came up with. She had written down some of T's reactions to her gifts and had me read them out as the words T would say on her wedding night. I'm told I did a very good job of delivering the lines with just the right degree of drama theatrics.

Our last activity was to work on a scrapbook for T. It was a bit of a rush job as we barely had any time, but we were able to put together a couple of pages with photos, etc. I had responded to A's request for material and provided a recipe, a love potion (taken mostly from the internet) and my advice (ha!) for a successful marriage. After a Harry Potter bridal shower, I'm hoping the marriage will be magical.

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