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EX Weekend 2014 -- A Photo Album

Just wrapped up another annual EX weekend with my mom. For those who aren't in the know, my mom comes to stay for the weekend every August so that we can take in the Canadian National Exhibition, though we always do other things as well. For example, on Friday, we paid a visit to my mom's favourite shop, Adornments on Queen and went to see The Hundred-Foot Journey. As usual, we both spent more money than we'd planned. I hadn't intended to spend any money in Adornments on Queen and came out with a beautiful wooden box and a tiny stone figurine of two cats. I had hoped not to buy a lot at the EX and came away with a piece of blue calcite, some fudge, two DVDs, two CDs and two large and heavy books, though Supernatural was a real find and, as my mom pointed out, the CNE only comes around once a year. I can also take some comfort in the fact that the later purchases were all discount items...Anywaaaaaaaay, we both had a lot of fun, and I know my mom appreciated the break.

Of course, no trip to the EX would be complete without some photos...

Naturally, we always time our visits to coincide with the cat show,
even though some of the felines are kept tightly under wraps... *g*

Other cats were busy with other activities or just couldn't stick around.

I think this one was auditioning for a remake of Gremlins.

You're just plain gorgeous.

One of my favourite photos -- and you can probably see why.

Not one of the better pictures, but you might be
able to make out a mother with her adorable kitten.

A Bengal tracking a fly.

And here's a whole frickin' load of cats.

As usual, I took pictures of the magnificent sand sculptures.
I believe this one is called "Cut From the Same Cloth".

Here's one side of what I'll call the "Throne Sculpture".

And here's the other.

One AWESOME sandcastle!

Some of the finer details of the castle, such as the gargoyles.

Quite possibly my favourite sculpture -- or, at least, a tie with the sandcastle.

As a Taurus, I'm having some issues with this sculpture...

Totally geeking out over this Star Wars/Return of the Jedi sculpture in progress

I wasn't originally going to include this, but my mom took some photos of me
when I modelled the dress I plan to wear to my friend's wedding (and get some
opinions on jewellery choices). I fell in love with this dress as soon as I saw it.

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