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JuauNo Roundup

Today, is the last day of JuauNo, my self-imposed writing challenge for the summer. And, yes, I realize that it's technically still summer, but I'm not going to have any time to work on my original fiction/novel project at all in September, so this seemed like a good day to wrap up. Anywaaaaaaay, my grand total now stands at...*drumroll*...19,309 words. Not wonderful but better than it could be. I managed to write over 7,000 words during JuauNO, though, obviously, I wish I could have written more. A lot more. However, I'm a slow writer and original fiction (for me, anyway) is much harder than fic. Saying that, I'm finding it easier as I go because I've become more familiar with the characters and have managed to get a better feel for how they should speak and act. I think I've got a better picture of the overall plot, though I have fears about whether I'll be able to stretch it out to novel length. I also think that events I just wrote about are coming too soon, so I have a feeling that I'll be adding in some additional scenes before that particular aspect of the plot. As a friend said to me, it's a lot like working on a puzzle because you're trying to fit in all the pieces. This project definitely feels like that. In a way, I'll be glad of a break because my batteries need recharging.

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