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Attention Robin of Sherwood Fans!

Barnaby Eaton-Jones, organizer of The Hooded Man Convention, is attempting to put together a charity anthology in aid of Richard Carpenter's chosen charities, the British Red Cross and The Sherwood Forest Trust. Barnaby is attempting to collect fan memories (minimum 1500 words) for each episode, though I've been told that these memories can spin out into thoughts/memories of the show in general. Unfortunately, Barnaby hasn't received as many pitches as he'd like. The pitches that he has received have mostly been for Praed episodes. He'd really like to have some contributions for Connery episodes/the third series. The one Connery episode that has been suitably covered is "The Cross of St. Ciricus," but the other episodes should still be available.

Anyone who's interested needs to write a one-paragraph proposal (it doesn't have to be formal) by October 1st and send it to Barnaby at You can find more information about the project at the Facebook page, Nothing's Forgotten. In case you need a bit of incentive, various actors (such as Nickolas Grace) and crew have agreed to contribute to the book as well. If Barnaby can get this project off the ground, I think it could be a wonderful book and, of course, it's in support of two great causes.

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