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Waterloo Central Railway Excursion

Yes, I know. Another photo album. Sorry. However, there shouldn't be any more for a while. Anywaaaaaay, my dad kindly arranged this fantastic excursion last weekend. Throughout much of the year, the Waterloo Central Railway offers historic railway trips (using restored locomotives, passenger cars and cabooses) within the Waterloo Region. Bright and early last Saturday, four of us piled into my dad's car for a trip from Waterloo to St. Jacobs.

My brother and dad standing on the platform of Waterloo Station

Train standing in station (with the WCR 482 Wide Vision Steel caboose visible)

My sister in front of the WCR 15000 Business Car

Our passenger car (WCR 1437 Coach)

Interior of the carriage

Photo I took of a gorgeous tree while the train was still standing in the station

Shots from the train during our journey:

Village of St. Jacobs Restoration Shop

WCR 3709 Box Car

WCR 61 Wood. If memory serves, this caboose just turned 100 years old.

WCR 60504 Dining Car

No 80 CPR Baggage Car

Train coming into the station. You probably guessed that already.

No. 9 Alco 0-6-0 Switcher steam locomotive

No. 124 CLC 0-4-0 Switcher steam locomotive

No. 1556 GE 70-Ton Switcher diesel locomotive

Sweet cat sunbathing in front of Artefacts

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