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Hooded Man - Volume Two: Robert of Huntingdon

I really should have been promoting this book when it was first published, so my apologies for that. To be honest, I only got around to ordering it in the last couple of weeks because I thought I had been too extravagant with my summer spending, etc. Then I pushed my order back even further because I got involved with the Nothing's Forgotten charity anthology project and didn't want Andrew Orton's analysis of "The Power of Albion" to influence what I wrote. Actually, postponing the order also worked in my favour because now I can claim this book as part of my Christmas present from my uncle and aunt, who kindly send me a cheque every year. Merry Christmas to me! :-D Anywaaaaaaay, enough of the babbling and on to the book itself. Click on the stunning cover below for all the juicy details:

As you can see, it's just as gorgeous as the first volume. It's also highly informative with lots of amazing facts you'd never have access to otherwise. I'm talking about things like Orton's complete analysis of all 126 issues of the Robin of Sherwood comic strip! I hadn't even seen any of the comic strips until recently -- and that was through a post on Facebook.

I only started reading Hooded Man last night and I've already learned a lot I didn't know. If the second volume is anything like the first one, it's going to be absolutely brimming with fascinating details that any RoS fan would appreciate! I had a hard time putting it down this morning and will probably have similar struggles this afternoon as I was planning to do some more reading during lunch. *g*

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