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An Article That Actually DEFENDS Enterprise

dubghall kindly sent me this article on Enterprise last week and I'm finally getting around to sharing it with my flist...Well, those two or three people who are actually Enterprise fans. Come on. I know there's at least a couple of you and it's not like I'm looking for a show of hands. *g* Actually, I would recommend this article to those of you who aren't fans as well because Dan Roth provides some good arguments for why he thinks a) Enterprise didn't kill Trek; b) why the show wasn't so bad; and c) why Enterprise was basically doomed from the start.

While this article is great, I think Roth should have included this clip when addressing the show's selling points:

The Reed/Hayes fight is what got me to write slash for the very first time. The moment I saw this fight (and then re-watched it several times), I had to slash these two. Resistance was, like, totally futile. *g*

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