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So Maybe My Week Hasn't Been A Complete Waste

As I'm currently experiencing the joys of PMS, I haven't had the best week. It just seems as if everything has been going WRONG! For example, I discovered today that I've been editing the exact same material as a co-worker, so this week has basically been a complete waste of time. Or so I thought when I left work today, depressed and angry with myself. However, when I checked my email tonight, I decided that maybe this week hadn't been a complete waste after all.

I've recently been in touch with someone who just started writing. When she sent me the story she'd written, I was forced to break the news to her that her story just wasn't working. Because I'm a pessimist (even without the PMS), I thought said writer might have a hissy fit or give me the cold shoulder. But I was pleasantly surprised by the writer's positive attitude. She said that she'd suspected certain elements weren't working and asked me if I could give her some advice. As I have absolutely no shame when it comes to writing, I sent her lots and lots of advice. Probably more than I should have. However, in her latest email, the writer informed me that she has started to follow a couple of my writing tips, and they've really been helping her. She told me that she's able to concentrate better and has already jotted down notes for a number of ideas. So...despite the other numerous ways I've screwed up this week, it looks like I might have gotten something right! :-)
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