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The Cartoon that Got Away...

One of the members of Addie's Faction put together a newsletter recently called RA Magazine to celebrate the 15th anniversary of Raconteur, the original Addie's Faction newsletter. In any case, various members (such as yours truly) submitted items. A very short fic I wrote made it in, but a cartoon I drew didn't. Ink supplies were an issue, so I know it's nothing personal. However, I did spend some time on the cartoon, and it's an idea I've had in my head for over ten years. In other words, I'm determined that the cartoon should be published posted somewhere, so it looks like the poor RoS fans on my flist are going to suffer.

I should point out that the cartoon is only going to be amusing (slightly amusing) if you've seen "The Cross of St. Ciricus". Even then, maybe not...Oh, Herne, here it is:

While we're on the subject of Robin of Sherwood, I'd like to share a fic rec. funkyinfishnet has written a wonderful story called Careless I Believe. It's Much's perspective on events that occur around "Robin Hood and the Sorcerer," "The Greatest Enemy" and "Herne's Son". I think funkyinfishnet successfully reveals how Much's mind works and provides a really interesting view on how he processes everything that goes on around him. It's a really beautiful fic.

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