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International Fanworks Day!

I'm very happy to say that today is the first annual International Fanworks Day! :-D This is a celebration of fanworks of all kinds! The Organization of Transformative Works (OTW) is hosting a number of fan events, which is wonderful to see. I'm not sure how much time I'm going to have today to celebrate (other than in my usual fashion of reading some fic), so I thought I'd share two RoS fanvids I came across recently. The first one is this FANTASTIC fan-made trailer for "The Swords of Wayland," which Fueled by Apples included at the end of her review of that episode:

The second awesome vid was made by raven714 for a friend's birthday. This friend is a massive fan of both Robert Addie and Excalibur, so raven714 created a vid that essentially tells the story of Mordred's very short life. The timing of this vid was also good because the recipient shares a birthday with Robert Addie, who would have turned 55 on Tuesday:

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