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Quite Possibly the Most HILARIOUS Acceptance Speech Ever!

After watching the 2007 Spacey Awards on Sunday night, I was really hoping someone would post a vid of David Hewlett's HILARIOUS acceptance speech for his "Fave TV Character" win. Little did I know that my good friend, bakerybard, had posted a vid of his speech on YouTube. In fact, I wouldn't have known that she'd created a vid (or was now on LJ) if I hadn't run into her on Yonge Street tonight. Although bakerybard created the vid for skull_boy_love, it does contain what could quite possibly be the most HILARIOUS acceptance speech ever:

Terrance Mann on Spaceys/David Hewlett's Acceptance Speech

I looooooovvvvve David Hewlett -- but in a perfectly healthy, non-stalkerly way.
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