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Suddenly I'm In Demand! EEEK!

Suddenly I seem to be highly in demand as an editor -- but this has been outside the workplace. Last week, one friend asked me to edit her resume. This week the same friend wants me to go over her cover letter. In the space of a few days, two fic-writing friends have asked for betas. While I completed the one beta, I've had to give a raincheck for the second one. In fact, my response to my second fic-writing friend was, "Please don't take this the wrong way, but your timing couldn't be worse!" *g* You see, I have the mother of all editing projects to work on: a 200-page book that a friend's fiance has written (to be self-published). I told the writer in question that I would try to complete the editing job in about two weeks, though I'm guessing it will be closer to three. I'm actually nervous and excited by the prospect as this will be my first official freelance editing job. In other words, I'm actually getting paid for once! :-)

Anywaaaay, I'm hoping that no one else asks for an edit or beta in the next few days, or I'm likely to have some kind of breakdown. Okay, probably a very minor one, but there could be screaming and possibly even moist eyes, if not tears. I mean, I'm about 60-65 lbs lighter now. I just don't stretch as far as I used to. *g*

Of course, I haven't started the freelance editing project yet. I mean, that would be silly. No, instead I went to Scarborough Town Centre tonight to buy two t-shirts at Northern Reflections. However, I did read something very inspirational as I sat down in the lower food court with my Quarter Pounder Combo (a sure way to regain that 60-65 lbs). Scrawled in blue pen on the table was the following message:

Jesus says he loves me
but I just want to be friends.

I'm not exactly sure what it means, but it amuses me immensely! I'm going to make a point of paying more attention to food court tables from now on!
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