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Happy Victoria Day!

Happy Victoria Day! :-) Not my most productive day. I'm recovering from a migraine, so I'm still in my pyjamas and have been awake for less than an hour after taking a two-hour nap. However, it's certainly been relaxing, even if I haven't engaged in any typical May Two-Four Weekend activities, such as opening up my non-existent cottage, buying a 2-4 (case of 24 bottles of beer) or heading out to watch some fireworks (though I did manage to see some from my apartment window last night). I did have a great day out with some friends on Saturday and visited Edwards Gardens yesterday to have some lunch on a park bench and do some reading and writing. I've also been looking after a friend's cats, but I'll discuss that in a later post.

Today, while conscious, I gorged on Sapphire and Steel YouTube vids and fanfic. Yes, the fandom has sucked me in. I've been curious about it for years and asked for the DVD for my birthday. My mom and I watched all six 25-minute parts from "Assignment 1" because we were both instantly hooked. Uh, I suppose the best way to describe Sapphire and Steel is as part sci-fi, part horror. It's been called the strangest British sci-fi series ever created and some people have even compared it to The X-Files. Actually, I think it could give The X-Files a run for its money in the weird, twisted and completely unexplained (literally) department, but it's a lot of fun, especially if you're a fan of David McCallum and/or Joanna Lumley. As I said to my mom, it's totally up my street because of its cheesy 70s British sci-fi feel and the heavy paranormal vibes. Anywaaaaaaaay, I'm still trying to find some fic I truly love. The closest I've come to is this rather clever Sapphire and Steel/Man From U.N.C.L.E. crossover called The Reality Affair.

If anyone's really curious about Sapphire and Steel, here's a trailer for "Assignment Four," which includes some of the creepiest moments from the show:

If you've got a bit more time and patience, here's a sevenish-minute documentary taken from Top Ten TV Sci Fi:

BTW, it was only one spot below Blake's 7, which isn't too shabby as far as I'm concerned. :-)

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