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Working From Home Seems Like a *REALLY* Good Idea This Morning!

Despite the issues I've recently had with a couple of my neighbours, working from home seems like a really good option today. This morning around 6:30 am the subway system had to close down. And I'm not talking one line or two lines. It was ALL four lines. The TTC had to close the subway because their subway communication systems completely shut down. People had to be evacuated from all the stations and left to take shuttle buses -- shuttle buses that weren't arriving because there was no way to contact them. However, even if the TTC had been able to send out some shuttle buses, it wouldn't have been enough. Half a million people travel on the subway during rush hour, so it would have been impossible to transport everyone. Fortunately, around 7:30, all of the lines were back up again, but I know everything must have still been chaos. I've seen the aftermath of delays affecting just one line and it's not pretty. Of course, a lot of people do have a Plan B, but not everyone can have one that's entirely reliant on buses and/or streetcars. Did I also mention that it's been raining? The timing really couldn't have been much worse.

I really feel sorry for everyone who's had to commute on the TTC this morning. Yikes! What a mess!

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