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Getaway Weekend Photos

Last week, I spent a few days at my parents' place, a little getaway that included two excursions -- and photos, of course.

A friend of my mom's was kind enough to invite her over and said she could bring one or both of her daughters along. Usually, it's my sister who goes, but E was afraid that she might miss the opening of the Pan Am Games, so I did the honours. I hadn't seen R in several years and had only heard about her beautiful property, though I had seen some pictures. In case you can't tell, R lives in the country (in Pontypool, to be exact), has two horses, a donkey, two dogs and two cats. Well, the horses are really her daughter's and the one-eyed pug belongs to her daughter's boyfriend. Anywaaaaaay, pictures speak louder than words, especially my words:

R's wonderful house

The amazing sunroom

Shed and part of the garden

The barn



Little donkey (Sorry. I've forgotten the donkey's name.)

Two views from the property



Mom and Beebo (though Mom didn't realize Beebo was there at the time)

On Saturday, four of us went for a walk at the Guild -- mostly to help me earn the huge number of steps I needed that day for the second GCC challenge. My brother (who had already accompanied me on an hour walk earlier that morning) kept me company at the Guild as well. As we ended up in an area I hadn't seen in years, I took pictures:

Mysterious hole we couldn't identify...

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