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Well, It Sucked While It Lasted...

My exciting career as a freelance editor lasted a whole week. For the sake of my sanity (what little of it remains), I've been forced to pack it in. I just didn't have the time and patience for the project, which ended up being much bigger in scope than I imagined. To be blunt, "my client" couldn't write for shit.

Each page was taking an average of 45 minutes to an hour to edit because I was essentially re-writing everything in an attempt to fix my client's extremely awkward sentence structures. Then there were all the grammatical mistakes and punctuation errors. Ye gods! How could anyone be brave enough to publish that. I mean, I don't care if it's being self-published and might only be read by half a dozen people. It's still mortifying. Hell, I was embarrassed. Oh, and I haven't even gotten to the good part yet! The content of the book is complete and utter crap. It's a self-help book written by someone who has a worse grasp of reality than I do, which is really saying something! I didn't even get past the agonizingly long (if you're editing) introduction to realize that! For my friend's sake, I hope the divorce is amicable.

Although it probably doesn't seem like it, I do feel bad about throwing in the towel. Besides the fact that my friend is involved, I did make a commitment. However, I think I'd rather slit my throat than continue working on the project -- even if it were possible for me to edit approximately 200 pages in less than 200 hours. I haven't said that to my friend, of course. Give me some credit. *g* What I did do was send the pages I finished editing (all nine of them) and explain that I couldn't possibly complete the project in less than a month. I also advised "my client" to read some books on writing and grammar. For the sake of his potential audience, I hope he follows my advice!
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