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Hinterland Who's Who -- SGA Style!

bakerybard has created an AWESOME SGA vid based on Hinterland Who's Who and I helped! Well...a teeny tiny bit. I'm sort of responsible for planting the twisted idea in her head in the first place. *g* lazigyrl also deserves some credit as the idea for an SGA Hinterland vid came up during a discussion we had on LJ.

I think every Canuck on my flist should check out bakerybard's vid. Even if you aren't an SGA fan, the vid is worth watching for the laughs you'll get from the Hinterland Who's Who narration. Anyway, you can find H'Atlantis Who's Who through bakerybard's latest LJ entry

For those of you outside of Canada, you can learn more about the magnificent institution that is Hinterland Who's Who through their website.
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