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The Knights of the Apocalypse -- The Crowdfunding Has Begun!

As some of you may remember, The Knights of the Apocalypse is a Robin of Sherwood audio adventure that is going into production in 2016. This project will involve many members of the original cast and is based on an original script by Richard Carpenter. What you may not realize is that the cast and production team are accepting a much lower fee than they might normally receive because this is a pretty expensive endeavour -- hence the crowdfunding.

Last time I looked, the crowdfunding project was 89% towards its goal, so I don't think it will have any trouble raising that £10,000. However, any additional money raised will go to Richard Carpenter's favourite charities, the British Red Cross and the Sherwood Forest Trust. In addition, you can get some pretty awesome merchandise for various pledge amounts. These include a digital copy of the audio adventure for a donation of £10, £14 for the CD release, £20 for a t-shirt with the Knights of the Apocalypse artwork...The list goes on and on. In some cases, there are limited edition items such as art prints and CD box sets that include special features. If you're interested in any such merchandise, you should probably head to the site ASAP before certain items are gone. Of course, you can donate any amount or just spread the word via social media. There are links for that on the Crowdfunding website. Speaking of which, a link would probably be helpful, wouldn't it?

Oh! One last thing! There's now a fabulous promo vid starring Nickolas Grace:

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