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The Knights of the Apocalypse Has Finally Found Its Gisburne!

It wasn't easy, but Barnaby Eaton-Jones has finally managed to find an actor to play Gisburne in The Knights of the Apocalypse! Considering how many fans he was trying to please, I can understand why it was such a struggle. In the end, Barnaby asked Nickolas Grace who he would recommend to play Gisburne, and Nickolas Grace suggested Freddie Fox. I've seen Freddie Fox in a couple of things and I think he could be a really good fit. He's played nasty characters before, so I'm sure he could bring the right qualities to the role. Some Robert Addie fans think he'll sound too young compared to the other actors, who are all older than him. However, I've listened to enough Big Finish productions to know that actors can pitch their voices to sound older or younger than they need to be. Actually, unless I'm mistaken, Freddie Fox is the one actor in the production who is the right age as I believe the story takes place around the same time the series was set. Of course, no one could ever really replace Robert Addie in the role, but I'd rather have another actor play the part, and have Gisburne appear in this audio adventure, than have no Gisburne at all.

For anyone who isn't familiar with Freddie Fox, here's a quick YouTube clip:

I feel rather guilty about not mentioning this sooner, but I was really sad to learn about the passing of another RoS actor, Anthony Valentine, who played one of the most memorable guest villains of the show, the Baron de Belleme. I met Anthony Valentine at Silver Arrow 2000 and he was a very nice and incredibly charming man. funkyinfishnet wrote a wonderful tribute to Anthony Valentine, which is definitely worth reading.

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