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Mini Kitchen Reno

My kitchen had a bit of a face lift today. Last week, my kitchen faucets (which had been crap for ages) finally gave out. Well, the cold water faucet did. I couldn't shut it off completely, so it wouldn't stop dripping. As I hate the idea of wasted water, I did my best to collect it in a watering can to use on my plants, to rinse plates, etc. And, naturally, I filled out a work order. Anywaaaaaay, long story slightly shorter, the plumber and super agreed that not only did the pipe and faucets need to be replaced, but the counters as well. As there was a crack in the old counter near the base of the faucets, I wasn't surprised by that assessment. The majority of the work was done today. Thankfully, I was in the office and not working from home.

These last two pictures were taken for my dad's benefit -- in case my mom showed him the photos I sent her. He's an electrician not a plumber, but he's usually interested whenever any repairs are done in my apartment. *g*

It's almost a shame that I'm planning to move this year. Almost.

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