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Sharing Some Stalky Love in Celebration of the DVD Release

Yes, today is the day. It's the official release date of the Stalky & Co. DVD! :-D To celebrate, I thought I'd share some Stalky-related links.

For anyone who hasn't had the pleasure of reading the original stories, or is trying to track them down, I'm happy to say that almost all of them (with the exception of "The Satisfaction of a Gentleman") can be found here at At LibriVox, you can download a free audiobook of most of the stories.

Of course, this wouldn't be a rusty_armour rec list without fic. There's only a handful of Stalky stories that I've come across, but the best ones have been written by fawatson and Ione:

Out of Bounds

The Impressionists - Part Two

How The Beetle Got His Name

King and the Maiden

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