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Exciting Discovery!

It's finally happened. Kongsberg Maritime has found the Loch Ness Monster! Well, actually, it's the 30 foot model of the Loch Ness Monster that was created for The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes. Unfortunately, this first model sank in Loch Ness and a new model (the one that's actually seen in the film) had to be used in its place. Not surprisingly, Billy Wilder moved the Loch Ness shoot to a large water tank in the film studio. Anywaaaaaay, you can find an article about the discovery of this Loch Ness Monster model here if you're interested. Many, many thanks to pyrateanny for sending me a link to this article and for sharing the happy news with me in the first place. :-)

This is a very strange YouTube video that uses an image of the second Loch Ness model, but it might give you some idea of what the first model looked like:

And here's a cooler vid of the sonar sweep search of Loch Ness that resulted in the discovery of the first Loch Ness Monster model:

Yes, I'm a massive geek. Even worse, I'm a Sherlock Holmes geek. However, even if you don't think this is an exciting discovery, you should at least find the technology behind the discovery exciting.

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