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The Move -- Quick Update

I've been meaning to post an update for the last three or four days, but I've got WICKED PMS at the moment and can't even seem to cope with writing a blog entry. *g* The move was completely exhausting and I swore to my poor family that I would hire professional movers next time. I never want to put anyone through that again. I also promised that I would never try to move my futon frame again. It will be dismantled (possibly by a chainsaw) and made into firewood before my next move. I will be treating my slaves family to a very nice dinner at some point in the near future. Anywaaaaaaay, enough moaning. The move was successful and I'm slowly unpacking things and settling in. My mom helped me unpack most of the essentials (e.g. kitchen and bathroom items) on Monday and Tuesday, so at least I wasn't in too bad a shape when I started back to work on Wednesday. PMS aside, I think I'm adjusting fairly well and will love my new place in time. It's certainly an improvement over the last one.

I've had one friend request photos, so I'll take some pictures when I manage to find my camera (though I could use my tablet) and the place is a bit more presentable. The interior is actually surprisingly spacious (for a basement bachelor apartment) and will probably seem even more so when I get rid of all the boxes. *g*

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