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Chihuly at the ROM

On Friday, my mom and I went to an excellent Chihuly exhibit at the ROM. Chihuly is the brainchild of artist Dale Chihuly, who began experimenting with glass as an art form several years ago. Chihuly can be anything from intricate small scale pieces to major installations in public spaces. And words really don't do this artwork justice...

Despite everything else I saw at the exhibit, I think this piece might still be my favourite:



This sculpture was created using Ontario white birch:

For his basket series, Chihuly was inspired by the old, woven Native American
baskets he had seen, many of which had lost their original shape through use and time:

These pieces have actually been arranged in the ceiling to create a kind of kaleidoscope effect:

These wonderfully spiky creations are actually chandeliers:

As you can probably see, these glass pieces were attached to a full-sized trellis:

Chihuly baskets mixed in with the original source material:

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