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Some Thanksgiving Pics

I finally managed to dig up my digital camera and got a bit carried away this past Thanksgiving weekend...

Tuppence adores the smell of Uncle G's shoes and often ends up rolling around
his feet. Sadly, she ceased her antics when I approached her with a camera,
though I was still able to catch her snuggling up to Uncle G's shoes:

After that, Tuppence decided to work it with her full arsenal of cuteness:

We're not sure why, but Tuppence decided to stare at the fireplace:

Barnaby was happy to stick with his (current) favourite toy:

Four out of five us went to the Guild Inn, and I managed to get some beautiful shots
(if I do say so myself). It was an absolutely beautiful day and perfect autumn weather:

Yeah, okay. My mom took the next two pictures:

Lastly, my brother and I took a walk around the track at Wilfrid Laurier (so that I
could earn extra GCC steps) and saw a strange sculpture and some gorgeous fall colours:

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